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Legally agreement works well only in some countries. 2 replies,1095 views

We have company running production and developing products for us. NOw we found there has similar products in the market, and manufactory is located in same city with our oem company, but they are differ company name, it is very hard to find out they are related or connected. Any suggestions?
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Re: Legally agreement works well only in some countries.
Replying to [Richard NIan]:


Just suggestions over standpoint of view to protect your products from such clones.

1. Non-reveal contract with your cooperation factory.

2. Apply for patent for you new designing.

Agreement means everything over laws and will work well, but while just in both parties' mind, whether they will obey it, this just depends on whether they have the law consciousness to respect contracts they had signed by themselves. So, it's not a problem of contracts.

For references only.
Re: Legally agreement works well only in some countries.
Replying to [Richard NIan]:

There are many possibilities for the coincidence that the products are similar. However, the most probable suggestion is that the other company has infringed your copyrighted or patented design if you have so registered your products. One solution is work with the alleged infringer to work out a negotiation by which the alleged infringer pays your company for the infringement. This assumes that the company admits to the wrongdoings even though this scenario is highly unlikely.

The second option is infringement prosecution and file a lawsuit against the company to show them that you are serious and will sue them for the infringement.

Attorney Kenneth

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