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Beware of this comapny 4 replies,1069 views

  The follwoing company will ask you quotation and they will impress you by their messages: And ask you to give samples,promise for orders: They will not even pay your coureir charges:
They have cheated me: 
Ms Rachel Bell:
Slate Design,73 Asdh grove,United Kingdom, 44 01243 823594
About Our Company

We are designers,manufacturers and suppliers of Knitted /Woven garments and home textiles. We are having trained & experienced designers, production managers and QA people. We have the infrastructure to do all va... More

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Re: Beware of this comapny
Replying to [curdrice]:

You have to ask yourself, why did I not get a order !!!!!!!!!!
Was the sample quality not the expected or whatelse ???
Not getting a order is no cheat !!!
Sending free samples including courier charges is Stupidity !!!

And why is this topic locked to the top ???
It is not a special interest for others, it seems more like a personel revenge of a Moderator and that is abuse of the boards !

Re: Beware of this comapny
Replying to [curdrice]:Look for your samples on Ebay ,, the sellers there make a fortune doing this kind of thing
Re: Re: Beware of this comapny
Replying to [opalcutter]: Right after posting on Alibaba I received an inquiry from a company supposedly in the US and he wanted me to ship samples of all my Soy Candles, then was furious when I wouldn't w/o charging him. Explained that I would give credit for product on first order. The way I see it, is that I have never had a new customer that was not willing to pay for my product since I will refund purchase price if for any reason they are disatisfied. No one has ever asked for a refund for any of our products! If they requested 3 samples from 100 sellers think of the $$ they could make!
Re: Re: Re: Beware of this comapny
I'm also curious why this topic is at the top. This sounds like sample hunting, which is dishonest, but not actual fraud.

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