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I am a freight broker in New York. I arranged freight to be shipped from Shenzhen to Newark, NJ, USA and triple checked with my frieght forwarder in China that for a certain price I will have it shipped directly to NJ. In the end it was shipped to Los Angeles. After paying the cost of trucking the goods from CA to NJ I lost $3600. Of course the freight forwarder blamed it on a misunderstanding with the shipping line. I had to pay for it, otherwise they wouldn't release the goods at the port in Los Angeles. Is there anything I can do now to fix this or prevent it from happening again?
Thank you in advance for your advice!
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Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]:

Use International operating SHIPPINGcompanies and you can avoid it the next time !
You can arrange all in your country and if they fail, they are responsible !
Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]: How was the product shipped? ocean? Use USA based freight forwarders only! prior to actual shipment underway on water for example have complete quote door to door or port to port. You obvioulsy never verified the shipiong details prior to the actual shipment or you waould have seen the deisgnated ports on the b/l. This mistake was your error not the agent as you had falied to do your due diligence in my opinion.
Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]: I have shipped worldwide for 9 yeras over all the ocanes and not one tiome have I had a shipment screwed up over a freighjt forwarders error or mine for that matter. As I said earlier your blame on the agent i think is your way to move the blame from your error to theirs.
Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]:
The shipper or its forwarding agent should be liable for your truck cost.
Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]:you can collect the money from the chinese end..Wer can help you with this account.We have been in business over 111 years in California.
Re: Freight Forwarder Scam
Replying to [byibmi]:You've been scammed! The only way to avoid it - don't work with them anymore! If you triple checked - it;s pretty much clear to me that they just chosen to ship it cheaper. Ask them to pay the damage, if not just sue the bastards, post their name on the forums as stammers. Send a not to local authorities, etc!
Find another freight-forwarder, but reliable!

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