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How do you prepare a company profile in limited time? 2 replies,6932 views


Yea so i am having a problem. The company i am working for is big, they have a company website but due to they never do any local trade(they only export), therefore they have never think of having a printed version of company profile. Today we are going to have a pitching job with a company from India. 38 other manufacturer will be attending this so called-meeting for this india company upcoming project. Every manufacturer will have to bring along their company profile with full set of brochures...So the problems is here..we do not have a printed version of company profile and my boss ask me to type...alright i type it out and print it in an A4 paper but it definitely look horrible, very not presentable i shall say. I have never seen any A4 paper printed version of company profile before in my life and if you are going to ask me to take this A4 paper company profile and present it in a meeting...i will be mad!! So if any seniors have any experiences in this matter, as in how do make a presentable company profile in a limited time...please tell me....i really appreciate it very, very much...




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Re: How do you prepare a company profile in limited time?
Dear Elisha,

Been there! I use powerpoint for rush company profiles.  You can easily style it and even put in photos then print in color.

Word is also possible, use the textbox, drawing and insert photos options.

All the best,
macs2005 [em17] [em1]

Re: How do you prepare a company profile in limited time?

Hello there,

well, the key to a successfull company profile is the what you provide and company history.

Since I have to travel so much I have to adjust my company profile according to the needs of the buyer, sometimes they don't want to know the whole history of your company and also are not interested in your whole stock.

So before you write any profile, you need to know what this indian company wants and needs. So according to that you need to have a short company history, and what you specialize on, but matched with what the indian company wants.

By doing so you will already have a plus point. That it is essential that you have a very good looking company letter head, on which you present the company profile, also make a note to the indian company that if he is interested in the whole company history he can read it on the net. This gives the impression that your company doesn't waste time and wants to do business.

As for the products only show him what he is interested in in. So basically you can have a company profile with letter head in One A4 paper, and in addition to that a list of products along with pictures that the customer is interested in.

The best thing you can do as far as it goes for the products, make sure that you know everything about them, the usage and application of them, the loading specifications, how much you can fit in a container, and also the shipping cost from Exwarehouse to FOB to CNF and CIF. This way you will sound more professional, and again make a good impression.

Hope this helps you out.

Peace out

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