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Great list of English symbols and their names - check it out! 0 replies,65673 views

Hi everyone - I found this list at - and there are SO MANY more articles there about English.

They also provide free help with your personal sales emails and there are hundreds of examples of edited emails for you to use for your own sales!

Here's the list from

. period (America) or Full Stop (UK, Australia, NZ)
, comma
: colon
; semicolon
! exclamation mark
? question mark
- hyphen
' apostrophe
-- dash
' single quotation mark
" " double quotation marks
( ) parenthesis (better known as 'brackets')
[ ] square brackets
French quotes
... ellipsis (use in similar situations to 'etc')
& ampersand (and)
^ swung dash (or Tilda)
§ section division
→ arrow
+ plus
± plus or minus
× is multiplied by
÷ is divided by
is equal to
≠ is not equal to
≡ is equivalent to
L is equal to or approximately equal to
is less than
is more than
n is not less than
o is not more than
≤ is less than or equal to
≥ is more than or equal to
per cent
‰ per mill
∞ infinity
∝ varies as
√ (square) root
5 since; because
∴ hence
7 equals, as (proportion)
∠ angle
�� circle
�� circumference
π pi
�� triangle
⊥ perpendicular to
∪ intersection of
∩ union of
∫ the integral of
∑ (sigma) summation of
° degree
′ minute
 Celsius system (temperature in degrees Celsius)
\ back slash
/ slash of forward slash
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