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To know about the top 50-100 Prime banks in the world and their assets,visit at
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Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:
Really, good information
ID int786
Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:I tried to find the bank list on the website you supply,but failed.
At first there are 3 language on the indexpage,but if I click a button and enter the next page,the language will be NOT English.So I really can not find it.
Would you mind supply a exact link again?
Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:
Its a nice piece of information, Sir.
Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:

A valuable information indeed.
Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:looking for investors to start up a recycling

plant the usa please contact me at
Re: Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [AlexWang]:

On the left side there is a link for PRIME BANKS, click it...[em19]
Re: Prime bank list
I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the term "Prime Bank" is generally not used anymore. It is an older term and had different meanings in different countries.
Prime Banks (in many western countries) back from WWII up to the 80's were not always BIG banks. They were banks that had the right to deal directly with the Federal Reserve (or its equiv in whatever country)........ These banks would then put that money borrowed into the "banking system".... Back in the day these banks had more international "muscle" than other banks (irrelevant of the size/funds) purely because they had that Lender of LAst Resort access to the government bank.

These days a more correct term for the list you are pointing people to is just "International Banks"..... in other words the largest (by funds) around the world.... that doesn't make them Prime.... or even better than others.

Hope that clarifies things a bit..... for those who care.
Re: Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [Foow]:

Yes there are Banks in the name of Prime ( Prime Bank in USA, PK and other palces). But originally with the business, assets and management systems the banks are clasified as "prime Banks"

so far there is no calssification as Foow has mentioned: if so please write with details to know all:
Re: Prime bank list
Replying to [curdrice]:
very useful link thank you!

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