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suspicious to be a scam

Subject:I want to buy the product you are selling on
From: Mr Rita Edward Offline
Date:Sat, Jul 12 2008 08:38:41 (GMT)
To:[superdeal] Marry The **.................

Dear Sir/ Madam

My name is Miss Rita Edward From TRADING COMPANY LTD LONDON,

I got your profile and decided to write for a business that will be highly beneficial for both of us. Please if you are interested kindly contact me via this my private email address( or telephone number,+447024098179waiting your immediate response to enable us discuss in confidence or my private number +447035904395.

Thanks for paying attention and your earliest compliance,

Rita Edward.
About Our Company

Teak Furniture-Maker from Indonesian wooden furniture of: Indoor and Outdoor Working in furnishing of Custom design furniture, reproduction, ethnics, vintage, colonial, art-deco, modern simple, patio set, garde... More

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