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With courtesy of TRI Food Dot Com, who freely share the receipe in their website, we owe our gratitude.

Eating out has become increasingly expensive, as the price of food and fuel oil increase, we dare you to try cooking your favourite dishes at home. It is not impossible, or too difficult, if you would try, you can make it.

Here we have the Receipes of 11 dishes ofpopular Korean Soups, and 8 dishes of Appetizers. See if you can learn to cook them and fight inflation. Simply click at the picture to go to the Receipe page.

Soups and Appetizers

Dak-Dori-Tang (Braised Chicken with potatoes

Dwen-Jang Chi-Gae (Beef & Veg. Stew)

Gam-Ja-Tang (Pork Stew w/ Potato & Veg.)
Kim-Chi chi-Gae (Spicy Cabbage Soup)

Sam-Gye-Tang (Chicken **** Soup)

Soo-Doo-Boo Chi-Gae (Tofu Curry)

Yook-Gae-Jang (Beef and Scallop Soup)

Gom Tang (Stew Meat and Tripe Soup)

Mae-Un-Tang (Spicy Fish Stew)

Sol Long Tang (Beef Noodle Soup)

Koat Gae Tang (Spicy Blue Crab Soup)


Doo Boo Kimchi (Tofu with Kimchi)

Gim Bop (Korean Sushi Roll)

Jok *** (Seasoned Steamed Pork Leg)

Kim Chi (Chilly Fermented Cabbage)

Man Doo (Korean Dumpling)

Pa Jeon (Korean Pancake)

Soon Dae (Pork Sausage)

Tuk-Bok-Ki (Rice Cake with Vegetable)

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