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Re: Re: uk suppliers
Replying to [BenQer]:[em6][em6]you must be joking, there seems to be more scammers here than anywhere. Do not trust anyone.
Re: Re: uk suppliers
Replying to [Hubbs]:Hi, I found a Trust Pass one in U.S. the # is 202-889-9495 Hope they can give good prices. Ruthie52
Re: UK suppliers
Replying to [dollybirdz]:


Nice to meet you in alibaba,could you offer me some good buyers in your agriculture lines,such as the garlic,ginger?

in hometextiles:such as blanket

in industry:brake hose assembly

Thank you
Re: Re: uk suppliers
Replying to [dollybirdz]:Hi, do you know something about this company?
Suite 8 176 Finchley Road
Company No. 05367603
Phone: 44-020-7193-6237
Fax: 44-020-8855-0996

or look for this,this site look very similar

strange or not??

Re: Re: UK suppliers
Replying to [dollybirdz]:
HI - Located in Northwest, England. I see you have become in-undated with requests for checking out U.K suppliers. I think this is something that maybe if groups from different countries worked together - we could stop ourselves as well as other genuine people - just trying to make a living, from getting ripped off by scammers using Alibaba. I'll offer you whatever help I can. Hopefully others will follow..... even overseas. Thanks.
Re: UK suppliers
Replying to [dollybirdz]: please check these out

morgan trading ltd
29-30 margaret st
contact ...morgan smith

mobile phone centre ltd
vodafone house
contact...theresa gibson

my email is and i dont know if i am allowed to post this;
Re: Re: UK suppliers
Replying to [malcolmwhalley]:

Thanks for your help in advace!

Can you check this companies for me please.

On Line Communication Systems Limited
Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. ismail candan
Job Title: Marketing
Address: 31a High Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Zip/Postal Code: HP5 1BW
Telephone: 44-0141-89856732
Fax: 44-0141-87716455
Mobile Phone: 447024055184
Re: Re: Re: UK suppliers

That post was made months ago, it would be better to contact him through TradeManager. But I think I can help you with this one.

It's typical for UK scammers to have non-working landline numbers, and a working forwarding number. I tried that number and it doesn't work. The number starting with +4470 is a type of premium number that is free to set up and receive calls to, and that can be forwarded to anywhere in the world. Few legitimate companies use them.

If you check them out with the Companies House, you will see their Nature of Business listed as "Manufacture computers & process equipment". That has very little to do with selling mobile phones. It's also typical for these scammers to copy a registered company like this and impersonate them.

Their English is also very bad for a UK company.

Re: UK suppliers
Replying to [dollybirdz]:

Help me to check out this company please. I had send him the money, and he said that he will ship the product to me. However, few days later, he ask for more money for the duties fees. I refused and he said that he will refund the money to me. Next day, he said that he won't refund to me until I pay the duties fees. I had report to Customer Direct in UK, and now is waiting.

Simon Tran
PUBILC ADDRESSES: [3 Pitts Road, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom, Zip: SL1 3XG]
Re: Re: UK suppliers

I already answered this here:

This seems to actually be a real company rather than a typical scam. If you believe you have been scammed, I would recommend you try to deal with it through legal channels. Though depending on how much you lost it may not be worth it.

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