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Brief Summery of China Scams:

China has a population of more than 1.3 billion,most of Chinese people and companies are honest and reliable enough, but a few scammers have greatly ruined our good image in the international market, so far we have checked out hundreds of business scammers for foreign companies in China. Most of the China Scams are located in Fujian province (covering Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian, Jinjiang, Zhangzhou, Xianyou and Quanzhou city), Beijing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Guilin and Shenzhen etc. Among them Putian seems to be the home for online-scammers in China.

Putian is now notorious for business scammers online, there are hundreds of scammers from Putian have been disclosed and more Putian scammers are moving to some other big cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Fuzhou etc in China after they get "rich" from scamming. Let's know more about Putian and Putian Scammers:

1. Where is Putian?

PUTIAN, a small city in Fujian Province, on the west bank of the Taiwan Straits, is hometown to countless overseas Chinese. It is also where the Mazu Culture originated, and is site of the South Shaolin Temple. It's near to Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Jinjiang and Xiamen city in China. Currently Putian city has a population of around 3 million.

2. What is Putian famous for in China?

Putian's pillar industries of shoe-making, brewing, electronics, garments, foodstuffs, and machinery have earned the city its epithets "Shoe City," "Beer City," and "Electronic City." The city's foreign-funded Jiatong Tire Co., Ltd., ranks first nationwide in this trade in terms of sales volume, and the Fujian Xuejin Beer Group Co., Ltd., is among the top ten in its field. Putian High-tech Industrial Park, which houses 149 enterprises from 13 countries and regions, is the largest electronic calculator production base in Asia. The Xinwei Electronics Co., Ltd., produces 400,000 electronic calculators daily, and its products are sold to Southern and Western Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, making up 30 percent of the international market. Putian's agriculture has been industrialized, forming five major production bases in aquatic products, fruits, livestock, edible mushrooms, and vegetables. In 2001 and 2002, its annual output of loquats exceeded 30,000 tons, making up 40 percent of the national total, and ranking first in Fujian Province for ten successive years. Putian also takes the lead in raising eels. China'slargest eel trading center is located in a street in Putian's Hanjiang New Port, which also serves as China's largest eel pricing and information center.

3. What can you buy from Putian ?

Shoes, esp the sports shoes, **** of ****, and other brands etc; Electronic watches, electronic calculators; Dried fruits and beer etc. Please note that the exclusively authorized **** factory is located in Taicang, Suzhou instead of Putian although Putian is very famous in shoe industry on the globe.

4. What can't you buy from Putian ?

No international brand is available from Putian online, including Sony PS3, Nokia, Apple and any other well-known brands, there are too many scammers in Putian trying to cheat foreign buyers online with incredibly low prices for their so-called brands. But they normally send nothing after they receive the payment in China.

5. Part of the scammers from Putian city ( there are similar scams in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou etc) (checked and offered by some members from Alibaba Forum Community, everybody is free to add more scammers here.)

Putian Junnuo Shoes & Clothes Trade Co Ltd

Putian Chengxiang Foreign Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Tangrentrade Co., Ltd

Putian City Licheng District Zhaoyang Trade Co., LTD

Putian Chengxiang District Ruifeng Import & Export Co.,Ltd

Putian City Licheng District Topsun Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Trade2008 Foreign Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Chengxiang Huacheng Trade Co.,Ltd

Putian Longyue Trade Co Ltd

Fuzhou Hailian Trade Industry Co., Ltd
Putian Shuangxiong Co., Ltd
Xianyou Zhongyi Trading Co.,Ltd

Baike (Putian) Athletic Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Huacheng Co., Ltd

Putian Zhengde Trade Co.Ltd

Putian Hongmao Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Chengxiang District Shunying Trading Co., Ltd


Fuzhou Dragon Sportswear& FootwearTrading Co.,Ltd

Putian Anshun Lida Priniting Clothes Co., Ltd

Putian Minglian Trading Co.,Ltd

Putian Datang Shoes &Clothing Trading Co.,ltd

Putian Huaxia Trade Co.,Ltd

Putian Dahai Trade Co.,Ltd

Putian Qingrong Trading Co.,Ltd

Putian **** Shoes Export Co.,Ltd

Excellent Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Jordan Trade Co.,Ltd

The following list is edited by Mr. Wilhelm, a well-known Alibaba member from this forum, please have a look at:

Chengxiang District Putian City Xinxing Trade Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Mingfeng Electron Technology Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou ShineDe Trading Co.,Ltd.
Greatwall Trade Co., Ltd.
Huayi Trading Firm
Minggu Shoes Business Firm
Putian City Chengxiang District Barye Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian City Licheng District Huaer Trading Limited Company
Putian City Licheng District Zhaoyang Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Haixi Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Yuehua Footwear Trade Co.,Ltd
Quanzhou Beiqi Garment Co.,ltd.
Tiancheng Trade Co., Ltd.
Tianyuan Trade Co., Ltd.
ZhongYi Trade Co., Ltd., other than Xianyou Zhongyi Trading Co., Ltd

Chengxiang District Pinglong Clothing Factory
Chengxiang District Xianghui Clothing Store
Chengxiang Fanya Trade Co., Ltd.
Fujian Putian Chengxiang Pide Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. , same details like "Beter Foreign Trade"
Fujian Putian Chengxiang Beter Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., same details like "Pide Foreign Trade"
both have changed form "Peter" to "Beter" and "Bide" to "Pide"
Fujian Putian Traveling Shoes Factory
Fuzhou Jinnuo Trade Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Shionhao Trade Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Sigma International Trade Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou ZhongTianLi Trade Co., Ltd. 2times listed with different contact ways
Fuzhou ZhongTianLi Trade Co., Ltd. 2times listed with different contact ways
Han Jiang Wu Tang Yumei Toggery
Hualong Trade Co., Ltd.
Huiyue Shoes Trade Co., Ltd.
Kingpower Trade Co., Ltd.
Licheng District Putian Oukai Trade Co., Ltd.
Longxiang Shoes Co., Ltd.
Putian Chengxiang Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. (The Second Department)
Putian Chengxiang Huacheng Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Chengxiang Xingfu Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Chenshi Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian City Chengxiang District Yale Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian City Licheng District Aotewang Trading Limited Company
Putian City Licheng District Topsun Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian City Licheng Zone Risheng Shoes Factory 2times listed with different contact ways

Putian City Licheng Zone Risheng Shoes Factory 2times listed with different contact ways
Putian Eastern Pearl Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Footstar Shoes & Clothes Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Hengwang Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Huabo Trade Co., Ltd., now only Huabu Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Huayutrade Co., Ltd.
Putian Ivy Light Industrial Product Co., Ltd.
Putian Jiayi Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Junnuo Shoes & Clothes Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Kaishun Shoes Co., Ltd.
Putian Licheng District Zhongxiang Trading Co., Ltd.
Putian Lizhi Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Shuangxiong Co., Ltd.
Putian Soar Shoes and Clothes Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Walkon Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Zhengde Trade Co., Ltd.
Putian Ziheng Trading Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Quangang Samsin Trade Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Ruineng Electronic Development Co., Ltd.
Sinosun (Xiamen) Import & Export Co., Ltd.
United Trading Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Leadteam Trade Co., Ltd.
Xianyou Zhongyi Trading Co., Ltd.
Yihui Trade Co., Ltd.
Yonghui Trade Co., Ltd.
Zhenhai Ruiguo Garment Store

Let's share the story and try not to get scammed next time!

[From Admin/21/10/2010]
Dear Mr. Yulin Yuan,
Online Security Department of had tried three times to contact you by email regarding the complaint you posted above. It is regretful that we do not get your respond till now. We sincerely want to help. If you see this message, please submit your complaint at
We will initiate the complaint review as soon as possible.

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Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [Business in China]:Hi
I have order two laptop and two mobile phones from PUTAIN KAISHUN TRAD0NG CO.LTD
And they use EMS China They have not delivery to me yet but will do on monday I will inform you if I get the right product
Re: Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [mems]:

Monday what year ?
Day Dream Believer !

Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [Business in China]:
Re: Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
I orderd an Iphone from Putian Jiayi Trade Co. they delayred delivery , I found there is some thing fishi , finaly they send an Iphod nano , instead ,
have a look at them in Alibaba , they ahave all it takes to presents as an respectfull reliable company , but they ae fake , I dont undrestand what on earth make Alibaba to give credit to the scammers like Putian Jiayi Trade Co. on their website !!

you find "Authenticated and Verified by
Huaxia D&B China on Apr 26,2007" on thier page on Alibaba . All phone numbers are fake , DO NOT WIRE MONEY TO CHINIES BEFORE YOU GET YOUR STUFF

Every one be aware of following names and company, big scammers:
- Putian Jiayi Trade Co.
- Mr. Gang Wu
- Mr. Tang (Manager as listed in Alibaba)
- They use different Western Union accounts and one usual one is the name YINGMIN LI in Western Union, this is the account used by Tang.
We sent money after long negotiation and finally after two weeks they sent ipod instead of iphone.
I beleive the origin of this problem is the systems and companies that give the facilities to these crook people and that is Alibaba. Alibaba should be held responsible for this as they advertised them as gold member and also D&B authenticated company. LETS GET TOGETHER AND STOP ALIBABA FOR THIS. Alibaba bosses making billions of these companies by fraud. Some one should stop them. [em6]


The safer, easier way to pay online, is: Paypal, Moneybookers Escrow and L/C.



Giancarlo Gomez
G & J Import Export
Design and Advertising!
Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [Business in China]:
Is there any way to find out those China company that we are dealing with, are geniune buyer/seller with good financial backing? e.g. from any government authority to retrieve the history of these company, their annual report, biz standing, names of their senior management etc., b4 we strat to trade with them, thank you.[em1]
Re: Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [Pingping]:

Is this the reason why most companies do not want to accept paypal. At the same time , please be careful with those who claim to accept paypal, (Editied by the moderator, you're not allowed to post their company name and contact ways in case you have no proof to support your findings, they are not a scammer in China. Please note that Paypal is not popular in China at all owing to some reasons. ) said that they would accept paypal if i will include paypal fees with my order. Ridiculous, is it me who has to paid for paypal fees or them.

It looks like someone people are paying paypal fees for them and whoever is doing that is spoiling them. If they don't want to pay for paypal fees, leave them and look for other suppliers.

I have already made contact with most of the scammers but thank God i have not made an order yet. God bless you for letting us know who the scammers are. Shame on them

Re: Re: Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Replying to [russgya]:

Alibaba must move quick and fight these fake companies

i don't why they don't act !!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Putian and Putian Scammers (Part of China Scams)
Has anyone ever got anything they ordered on this or any other trade site for that matter. It seems like the entire internets a scam these days. The only place you can trust is Paypal and Ebay. Ive been searching for deals here and all I find is GREAT deals, but the companies all want Western Union and to read these scam pages, god. I think this whole site should be shut down. Its only a gateway to scam artist to prey on people looking to make money. Its a shame when 90% of the companies listed in these Trade and Wholesale sites are fake and nobody does anything about it. DELETE THEIR ACCOUNTS! WHY LET IT CONTINUE??? I guess the Paid membership fees are worth it for you. To me. Alibaba is no better.[em5]

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