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Does anybody know a good Human Hair Distributor I am trying to find a supplier
Re: You Ask----We Answer!
i want to know weather there is stainless steel doors in India ?
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'Weather' is fine here--not too cold, not to warm.
Re: You Ask----We Answer!

Hello there,

Can you tell me how to do business with india people ?

We sales HPprinter parts ,HPplotter parts ,our website is

A  lot of them inquiry for our product ,we answer them with best price ,but few of them reply,does they just care about price or something, or if the price is higher  than their expectaion,they just neglect you ?

i am just wondering ,nothing critical ,we like india people,they are our best clients.

thank you [em17][em19]



About Our Company

Beijing XHP Century Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2002, Beijing XHP Century Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional company which supports printer repairing,copier repairing,fax machine repairing and laptop computer repairing services, and we also act a... More

Re: You Ask----We Answer!
first be caution about the buyers, and go for small orders...later on its good to go for selling quantity. I will prefer you go for L/C.
Re: You Ask----We Answer!
Reply to HP Printer : After quoting your price the main problem is confirmation from the client. Some time price is high. sometime no order confirmation from the end user.

So in the market there is so many problems.

Yes some time price is also a problem as you quote the FOB China price it need to add frieght + custom + handling charge etc.. so cost increase very high, which not suites the cleint need...

So you keep contacting your cleint to find the final answer...

Re: You Ask----We Answer!
Great...good advice....for HP printer.[em17]
Re: You Ask----We Answer!
i would like to bye somethings from this company (Shenyang Yuemeng Trading Co., Ltd ) Address:120 Jiefang Road, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China . First name: Meixia Last name: Su , but i'm afraid to lose my money , could you please advice me how to manage or just answer me if they are good or bad .please help me .
Re: You Ask----We Answer!
Hi everyone! Just doing a wild search here, am desperately looking for business people from india who can invest in a slimming product imported from japan. Its an excellent product but i need financiers from india, preferably from mumbai. Any idea how i where do i do this search. [em20]
Re: You Ask----We Answer!
Hey Can you tell me thehow to Import, Cost and Duties implied to import Zinc sulphate zinc Mono, and other chiniese goods to india.. a process if you can help out!! Thanks

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