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Based in Shenzhen, we are a team which integrates excellent individual having experience in different fields. Nowadays,

China is a big manufacturer and offers competitive products to different country all over the world. Many customers want to catch this good opportunity of purchasing goods from China to their country, but they hesitate to do it because they aren't familiar with the factory in China which is far away from them.

Due to such situations, cnEffect emerges as a bridge between foreign customers and Chinese factories to help foreign customers to obtain fruits. We are independent and work as a third-party role to make you more confident on your business.

For each project, cnEfect will sincerely tell you what we can do and what we can not do, as to not waste both of our time, and give you best suggestion for your choice, because we have established the principle of long-term cooperative relationship with each customer.

The most important aspect is, cnEffect would offer the competitive pricing and to make you feel worthy. Come on and contact us, maybe it would be a big successful step for you in China.

Please visit our website

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Re: Your helper for audit-inspection-sourcing
Replying to [cneffect]:
Good morning.
I am of Spain.
I want to buy consoles (xbox360, ps3, wii, etc) from China.
At the moment I am speaking with this company:
Name: Monica
TradeManager: cgs_cnhualong
Can help to say me to me if this company fulfills all the requirements and not to give problems?
Say the total price of the merchandise put in my warehouse in Madrid (Spain)?
If I can concern that product?

Thank you very much.
Re: Your helper for audit-inspection-sourcing

I have been quoted a price for several computer models for sale by a Chinese trade company in Putian, China.  Here is their information from

They are a 3rd year Gold Member, which is reassuring, but I am still worried about sending them money and hoping that their information is correct and my products (laptops) will arrive. 

I need someone to make sure this company actually has the products they specified (3 laptop models: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and XPS m2010) and they are an original quality product with all the specifications and warranty as listed.  This would require someone to go to their office in Putian and verify that these laptops exist and are working, send me the digital pictures, and perhaps pick up the 3 sample laptops for my company (already packaged and ready for shipment) and ship them to me (shipping payment will be provided). 

The company I am looking to buy from is in Putian, China.  Their detailed information is on their Alibaba page, listed above.  This is a fairly simple task, but I need someone reliable to accomplish it.  Please let me know if you're capable of doing this service and how much this company visit would cost.

Thank you,

David Bratslavsky

Re: Your helper for audit-inspection-sourcing

could you pl.provide me your web site and contact details (cnEfect) please,thanks

Supplier info.

I want to buy flock powder from ningbo jixcing chemical fiber and the co tact person is cindy i want to know r they real supplier or fraud plz let me know and contact me at my email address






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