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I come from Malaysia. I am new in international trading.
Someone from Malaysia or understand malaysia can teach me??
My questions are.

1. If i import small amount by flight, how should i pay the tax?
2. I would like to import mp3, is there any problem in custom like copyright?

Hope we can exchange our knowledge here.
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Re: Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
Quoting from [MioBoy]:

Replying to [vclow]: hi vclow, you can message me over trademanager. will assist you if i can. [em1]

      If it is small quantities means You can buy all at the distributor of some brands. Import involves, duplicatation, non-genuine prodcuts,air-freight,duty (you check at your place) payment &etc.In the meantime you can learn, how to import and what are the procedures for good quantities
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Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
Replying to [vclow]: hi vclow,
to import any product in malaysia there isadutry structure for example readymade garments you have to pay 37% duty for electronics there isa copyright ban plus you have to chech the customs tariff for theduty structure, you can import smaller quantities by air but it is not cost effective hence my suggestion is you import by sea. you can get the tariff details from ther malaysian importers organistion or the chamber of commerce.
Re: Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
Replying to [MioBoy]:hi, how i can contact you ? i can't add your trademanager. My trade manager is vclow.
Anyone can help me please add me. Thank you
Re: Re: Re: Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
Quoting from [MioBoy]:

Replying to [vclow]: hi vclow, can't add you either, seems i need to upgrade my membership. i think the moderators will allow your email addrs posted here....allow some time for me to check back, yah. [em1]


have you managed to get hold of each other yet?

Both/ either of you can contact me via TM and I will do the email exchange for you.


Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
Please contact me and we can exchange info etc. I'm from malaysia too. Thanks!
Re: Malaysia import tax/duty
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Malaysia Import Tax Duty Custom: SHIPPING & HANDLING
In a nutshell especially for business [trading] reasons, you would like to work with a Shipping Partner, where your business is insured, your taxes are covered, customs authorities handled.
 Else no purpose when there's no more margins left to compete.
- Also, some M'sia public community forums are cited for your reference.

For an idea:

Your Supplier ---> Truck delivers to shipping port collection warehouse ---> Goods boards ship or place ---> Arrives at Malaysia ---> Kastam Clearance & Tax Handling ---> Local warehouse sorting ---> Deliver and unloads at your doorstep.

Public (Malaysian Community) reference links:

(I) Shipping, Forwarding, Kastam Clearing, Doorstep Delivery [E.g.: China to Malaysia]:

or goto the sub-link under the published wordpress site at

(II) Ocean Shipping & Air Freight, Proper Legal Authorities Handling, Tax Free / Minimization:

(III) Overseas Import-Trading / Shopping, Drop-Shipment to client or personal:

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