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I have a problem i moved to Nigeria after living in the US for twenty something years. i have been a member of alibaba for 5 or 6 years.
My problem is its almost impossible to do business through Alibaba as Nigeria scammers are everywhere. Buyers are more interested in Scamers Prices as the price is unrealistic and then they get scammed and Complain they never pay attention to the legitimate sellers from Nigeria as we cant offer lies and low price so its a no win situation I tried to get a lot of this scamers deleted from alibaba by checking their addresses and their offers of things we do not have in Nigeria i got tired after i did 90 or so as 95% offers from Nigeria is a scam and it will take a few weeks to do this. I think real sellers and buyers from Nigeria are now discouraged and that is why we dont hear much from them only from scammers any idea on how to move away from scamers and focus customers on real Nigerian business people?
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Re: Problem with living in Nigeria
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