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Re: No reply from buyers

Dear sir,

It is okei, that not receive the reply form buyers, there may be some reasone. wheather they did not get you. they did not understand your letter of writting. they are not intrested to your country.. they are not dealing with you because you are dealing with his clients.

may be any of the reason will come.


Dharmesh Gajjar

Export marketing officer

Re: No reply from buyers
Quoting from [shah]:

There has been seen that many buyers not responding when you sent a quotation to them. Please a system may please be introduce to verify these buyers and suppliers through their country's chamber of commerce and industries.

Get into the real world matey!  Why do so many international suppliers whinge about buyers not contacting them back?  In the Uk, it is normal practice if:

Your price is too high

you have not replied with EXACTLY what the buyer requires ( Chinese suppliers are famous for this)

You cannot deliver on time

whatever, whatever........ get on with it. You don't win them all

Re: Re: No reply from buyers
I totally agree to Skyliner, it's the very same for Germany.
Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [shah]:

if you offer was interesting enough then buyers will surely contact you again.
keep on trying and learn from past offers.
Knowing myself Pakistan several producers they tend to react very very slow, and this is what buyers hate !
Re: Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [Skyliner]:Hi, skyliner. In my oppione, both seller and buyer should take out their sincerly. what you said maybe exist in China, but most the Chinese merchants are vervy honesty, you should remenber this.
Re: Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [HighTechHicks]:

100% agree with you.

A few things to add:

1. I keep getting quotations from suppliers who don't even bother putting their company name and contact method in the quotation.

2. I keep receiving samples from suppliers who don't even bother putting their company name and contact method on the packages.

I receive so many quotations and samples every day. How am I supposed to know who sent me what and whom I should reply to?[em28][em28]

In my experience, a lot of suppliers also email me messages like "Dear sir, we have your products. Please contact us."[em33][em33]

I mean, right, so what exactly are you offering? You could at least attach some photos and give more information ! [em5][em5]

Buyers are busy. They could be sending dozens of enquiries and receiving 3x more quotations every day. Suppliers must provide clear information and product photos if they want the business.
Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [shah]:

Even some big companies,and even there is stipulations to giev reply to each and every correspondence

Once I approached a "DOLLAR STORE", the purahseing manager,asked me send samples with price

I have coureired all,even after months together there is no reply
I have send many e mails,faxes and made telephone calls

One day he came in line and when I asked,he told we are getting numorous samples we are unable to gie reply to all

So we are fools no alternate way we beg these kind of people
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Re: Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [RAJU]:Good question, Most of the meaning ,Alibaba is the Chinese supplier , you are competing with chinese suppliers directly. Thats why ~~~ [em1]
Re: Re: Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [Its show time Kevin]:

I have a strange feeling this is related to how people feel when someone buy from a retail shop. Example, i want to buy a shirt but shop girl keep telling me about pants that wouldnt work. I will just leave. Another possible scenerio is that the customer receive better quote then yours.
Do you go back to the first shop you ask about price when you finally found one that is cheap to you? Maybe you asked 10 shops to quote. Replying back is basic courtesy but buyers always believe they are the important figure since they are paying.
In my humble opinion, perhaps give a deadline to quotes or give partial quotes. If people are interested, they will always get back. If not, you arent giving them all the info they need if they are just spying on you.

Re: No reply from buyers
Replying to [shah]: When I offer the quotation, some reply, some not. With the person did not reply, I resend the email to ask them if they have recieved our offer (some time the offer come to SPAM box) of they need to discuss anything i e time, price, capacity, shipment....and most of them reply.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![em20]

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