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Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Thank you for sharing your experience, very helpful.
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Thanks. So wonderful. Learn more.
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Every day ,if I have free time I would come this forum to ask some questions about how to distinguish Scammers, whatever that's about my products or not I'll answer sincerly .but I found that's almost useless, obviously all we can see everyday still so many topics about "I was scammed" "Alibaba is unbelievable so many scammers here" etc....
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Good article, of course minimum order from large seller is not so good for them, but in the long run if they have more people buying off them they are not stuck with having a few buyers of huge quantity....

when one of the big quanitity buyers decides to want 'discount' or cheaper the manufacturer is pressed up between a rock and a hard place, supply at lower price or lose their main customer.

If manufacturers take the time to supply the 2 minutes production time samples/test lots (at a fee of course, and any small business knows that start up can't be done on the cheap so should be prepared to pay the extra, someone has to go to post office, answer the emails etc) for smaller businesses starting up some of these businesses may grow to bigger.

With more buyers manufacturers don't have to depend on just a few buying companies, when big companies get a monopoly over production the can be heartless in getting 'best price' for more big profits.

just my view (inexperienced in big business).
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Excellent work Aussie [em19]
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
I hope to use all this information on my nearest meeting [em3]

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