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Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:Learn from you, and thanks!
Re: Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
You start by going over to China and meeting with a reliable sourcing company. Most reliable souricng companies won't work for less than 10,000USD per year.

The inspection services they will take your money. And the real question is what happens after your goods fail inspection. How to handle this problem?

These Chinese inspections services do not know this.

You need a sourcing company who is familar with Chinese product quality law and contract law.

Standards and certificates are meaningless. I have been in companies that have TUV, but I know that the products they make are not TUV quality. So what good does do?

You need a company to do a Bill of Materials for your product and test the quality to ascertain the defect opportunities.

Anyway, I don't recommend relying on any Chinese for inspection or sourcing services. They are typically lazy and do not have any concept of real customer service and only want fast money. Anyone who says otherwise has not been in China long enough to understand this country.

I hope this helps
Re: Re: Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ

Replying to Chinasolutions:

My Dear Mr Dodson,

That is a load of self serving crap.

You are promoting your own services and the first rule of successful marketing is don't bag your competitors.

I would trust some Chinese factory amd product inspectors with my life .. guys like Tony Chang of TonyInspection for example.

Would I trust a guy like you to do anything for me ... a guy who falsely bundles every Chinese person into the same basket for his own self serving purpose? You must be kidding.   [em5]

Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:Thanks a lot. In my opinion, I think MOQ is needed, just like our company supplying note books and note pads, the MOQ is 1000pcs, and the label's MOQ is 10000. Maybe the total amout is large for importers to do business. But for our exporters, there is no other solutions. A small order made us lose profits. That is the case.
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:[em19][em13]
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:

You are a true legend, Aussie!
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:Great Topic and very informative. Really hope many buyers read your post, so that, they would not be scarred of agent, middle man, or broker.. ![em19]
Re: Re: Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Chinasolutions]
Your statement is quite rude, and has very wrong and sweeping generalisations.

The Chinese are not a lazy people, no way.
How come then, they are the powerhouse of world manufacturing, and are ready to produce at great prices. Only hard working and resourceful people can achieve that.

Even the USA, where your profile states you're from, has its fair share of lazy people.

Every country in the world has good companies, and bad ones. China is no exception.

I think your statement is totally unfair
Re: Re: Re: Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:
Great reply Aussie.
Your reply to China solutions was right on the money.

Anybody, who has this much contempt for a people, whose resourcefulness, has provided him with a niche he can earn a living from, I will run a mile from. Cause if he regards Chinese like this, He will regard his customers exactly the same way.

The great thing about his post is... I know a company I will not be spending my money with thats for sure.
Re: 3. Price Negotiation and MOQ
Replying to [Aussie]:
Impressive tips

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