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Hi, Everyone.. my recent experiance dealing with chinese company named Kingpower Trading Co has enlightened my knowledge of finding fraud websites and companies. Though I lost $750 I hope to see that no one else get cheated.
The best way to find whether a company is genuine is to chat with a member of the company using trademanager or anyother chating program. Ask them question regarding the companies location, CEO name, License No., and if you find no reply... thats it.. you are saved. I am ready to help anyone who needs to authenticate a company. Please contact me for any assistance., also if your order is large enough, then you'd better book a factory auditing service from SGS or some local biz services like from China to protect your interests.

Shine Soman

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Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:
Hi: can you find out about a company called Henryem Co or kodocorporation operating in South Korea. They ripped me off US$1987 for IBM Thinkpads. They used a ligitimate bank so I wired the funds. They promptly dissapeared and their bank will not cooperate and refuses to give any information on these fraudsters.

G. james Palmer
MultiPoint Technologies Co. Ltd
Kingston, Jamaica
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:

Thankyou for your post my friend! [em1]
Although i am sorry for your loss i thankyou for saving me from the same fate. Thankyou!
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:

recently i got scammed over $2000 by an indonesian company called PT. tempo dairek, no reply no nothing after they cleared the money, but i really need those products, im a bit stuck. i need a legit company that sell GHD summer travel sets, what can i do?
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:Replying to [ShineSoman]: I am having trouble receiving the correct goods that I ordered from Kingpower Trading Co, it seems their scam is to send the wrong goods. Which are, much more inferior and cheaper than the ones that were ordered.

I ordered sample goods to the value of $620.00 they sent goods that I can buy here in the UK for $180.00. They, then start sending big apology e-mails when a complaint is made, putting the blame on a member of staff that they claim has now been sacked, this of course is rubbish. Moreover, they do not and will not send the correct goods to you. My advice to all MEMBERS is; DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY KINGPWER TRADING CO. They are run by a tribe of GRUBBY LITTLE CONMEN< BEWARE!!!!!!

I have noticed that most scam and dodgy companies write messages that start with (HELLO FRIEND) even when you have entered into correspondence with them, their letters are contrived and appear to be pre-written or very bad machine translations.Genuine companies employ people with the necessary language skills. If you do not feel safe with a company for what ever reason do not deal with them, it is them that then loose out not you. If you have doubts about a company search the company name in the alibaba forums, (I WISH I HAD).

Reading the comments from members about many companies on alibaba and other such sites, it is plainly obvious that alibaba and these other sites do not take this huge problem seriously. It appears to be a complete waste of time complaining to them.So really it is basically up to us buyers to post rogue company names on the forums of these sites and to make sure that we search the company name we are thinking of dealing with in the scam forums. WE HAVE TO HELP EACH OTHER. The sites certainly won't help, for one reason only, it will cost them money. Remember a Gold or trust pass member is no guarantee of an honest trader, ITS A MEAL TICKET FOR ALIBABA.[em6]
Re: Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [mattyv]:

Thank you! I wanted to buy 2 Nokia E90 for 650$, and already called my bank. Now i deleted the transaction and stay with my money! Thx
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Most companies on these B2B websites are scam artist. They have fake addresses and phone numbers. Check to see if their phone and fax number are the same, what's up with that. If they give you a cell phone number, think about this. Do you know of any companies with 50 to 100 employee's and the only way to contact them is through the CEO's cell phone. Why is the CEO of a company the contact person, think about it.
Google one of these big successfull companies names and phone numbers. You'll find that they only exist on the B2B websites, and their phone number is invalid or belongs to some little old lady.
If their contact information is false, report them to the B2B website owners and have them removed, before them scam someone else. I've had about 10 companies remove in the past 3 weeks.
Ask these B2B website owner to implement a rating system like Ebay. Stop the Scammers
Re: Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [cowman]: Your a broken record do you actually have any thoughts besides pasting the same response in every thread?
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Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]: Over the past week I have been stalked by a person named "Kandy" from Kingpower Trade co., Ltd. They have been trying to sell me electronics for my business. I am extremely glad I did a search on this company and came across your reply, thank you. When I asked "Kandy" about some of the details about the company, merchandise and reputation of the company she stopped responding. They are still using as a marketing tool.....very sad nothing is being done here. I wish you the best, thanks again.
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:hi!i want to order form kingpower too!are you sure that they are frauder too!i spoke many times with Kandy and she give me best price of phones!what you think about it!please,help me!
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
Replying to [ShineSoman]:
can you find out about a company called KammyUnji Company ,operating in hong Kong, their web site :
they seems ok, they are TrustPass Member.

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