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Replying to [bmpc]: Where we can find all this documents and how I can save all this information in my computer?
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Re: Re: The packing list
Replying to [tennmex]:
The Packing list is included in the Shipping documents. When
a supplier/seller supply/sale goods to The Buyer. The list of
goods, number of cartoons, Bales, pcs contain the packing list.
You can save it in the Document Folder in your computer
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Muhammad Aslam Memon
ID int786
Re: Re: The packing list
Replying to [tennmex]:You will get it in shipping documents.Can save it in your computer or print it
Re: The packing list
Replying to [bmpc]:How toknow the vessel no in the case of part shipment
Re: Re: The packing list
Replying to [tennmex]: It describes how pack of your goods are!


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