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Medical experts' research confirmed that static hazards are as follows:
1. Glitch of static may change one's normal electric potential difference.
2. Static affects normal electrophysiological course of the cardiac muscle and electrocardiogram's normal conduction.
3. Static may makes patients' diseases heavier and may induce heart's premature throb
4. Static threats a man who has severe neurasthenia, mental illness or cardiac.
5. Lasting static may increase the alkaline of blood, reduce calcium content of serum, increase the excretion of calcium, and they lead to skin pruritus, pigmentation, these affect the body's physiological balance, and people's interference emotion.
6. Those white-collar and the ones who always stay at home with much electric equipment may cause dermatitis, skin pigmentation, or other face illness. Computer screens and household appliances produce static, and static adsorb skin diffused by microbes in air, dust cause these dermatitis.
7. Because old man's skin is relative dry, aging of cardiovascular system and chest wall thinning, they're more easily affected by static. Static may aggravate state of illness, induce VPB, etc, and especially weaken those who have cardiovascular illness.
8.301 Hospital of PLA, doctor Xu Yong said, according to the individual's physical condition and the difference of feel ability, static will affect some specific crowd, such as neurasthenic patient, hypertension patient, cardiac patient, mental illness patient, especially the Cardio - cerebral vascular diseases patient. Under attach of static, a man's spirit may suddenly tighten, then it leads to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to attack.
9. Shanghai Chest Hospital, Doctor Jiang Jinqi said: Nowadays, people live in high-rise buildings; **** absorbs and accumulate static from all kinds household appliances. These men will be attacked by static because the floor and wall are always insulation.
10. Radiation of static lead to restlessness, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, coughing, etc.
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Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [Angeloling]:

Wow! I knew that static electricity was bad (as well as electrical, magnetical and electromagnetical fields), but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Thanks for this eye-opener!
Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [Angeloling]:

Not yet seen any products in the market to remove the static from body.

Re: Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [tonyinspection]:

Actually there are! Assembly plants for PC boards use them routinely. Many times it's some kind of "ankle band" (equivalent to a wrist band) connected to a conducting strip that goes under your the heel of your shoe.

Given the high resistance of the floor/ground (probably concrete), the discharge happens slowly, but securely. And as soon as you are inside the manufacturing plant, you are not only discharged, but won't build any new charge again.
Re: Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [tonyinspection]
In fact, there is one kind of product which can eliminate the different statics simply. It can be worn on the hand---just like the watch, or hung on the key. It's convenient.
Re: Re: Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [adimec]:

I know of such ESD devices in thos PCBA factories. But I meant MORE products should be MORE OFTEN used in daily life since the damage is so huge.
Ever heard of cordless grounding? How does it work?

Re: Re: Re: Re: The damage and hazards of Static Electricity
Replying to [tonyinspection]:

Ok, now I understand what you mean - some kind of device for everyday use. Looks like the device mentioned by Angeloling might do the trick.

Cordless grounding sounds to me like a word invented by Marketing. Most likely it's exactly what Angeloling described: balancing the amount of free electrons.

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