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Hi All,
I came across this term " NHI " or " non NHI " in reference to some posting in scrap metals section. What is NHI ?
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Replying to [alwaysready]:This is what I found:

NHI is the largest supplier of scrap in the world market. They own 27 ports and their own shipping lines along with gold mines as their line of business.
There are two type of dealers:
1) NHI Dealers
2) Non-NHI dealers

It seems that non-NHI prices are more expensive. I would guess it's because of the market share that NHI has.

Hope this helps
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Replying to [Rizzob]:

Thanks. This was useful. [em1]
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Replying to [Rizzob]:
One more thing please: How do I contact them. Which country are they headquartered in?
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Replying to [alwaysready]:I don't know where they're located offhand. I would do some google searching and make some phone calls. You should be able to find your answers there.

Good luck
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Replying to [Rizzob]:Thanks for your efforts Rizzob [em18]
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Replying to [alwaysready]:Be very difficult to close a deal with NHI
I am moving this to relevant forum.
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Replying to [padman]:
You have to be very careful with your words, else you will be liable for defamatory remarks.

Prove it, not because of a home office address as alleged. I would ask moderator to remove the posting of padman.

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Quoting from [padman]:

Replying to [iulianap]:I don't think NHI is a genuine company. They claimed to have a shipping line called Network Oceanlines but I did a check on the shipping lines in the world and got no such names listed. Surely if they are that "BIG" as they CLAIMED they are, why can't they produce proof other than some documents and photo(probably downloaded from internet). For your info, I did a check through a friend living in jacksonville,Florida on the official address and it's a residence house(puzzle me). One of the world "LARGEST" cannot be setting up a home office,right?

What do you think? For me, 1st thing that come to my mind is SCAM. Yes, It's a SCAM just like the money laudering scam from Nigeria,Africa.What do you think? Anyone want to speak up for this company?

Dear Padman,

I understand that what you have posted is not hearsay.As you have alleged about comppany, it would be nice that you qualify your statement, soonest possible


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Replying to [Street Smar

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