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   Fellow members, I wanted to let you all know that the Nokia N93 has started shipping to their distributors.  How ever at the time of this post very few retailers have them and are doing pre sales on them. 

     Please be aware however that unless you have some deep pockets you wont be able to buy many at all.  The MSRP in the UK is 525.00GBP for the standard model and about 575.00 GBP for the Golf Edition.  This is extremely more pricey than the US counterpart due in fact to the RoHs/WEEE standard.  The official US MRSP has not been made available although $719.99USD has been kicked around a little.  The Asia-Pacific MSRP as of yet is totally unkown to me. 

     Contrary to other posts you may have seen on the Alibaba boards Nokia products can not be purchased directly from them.  This statement can be verified simply by placing a call to any Nokia regional headquarters.  Nokia uses 3 worldwide distributors an 2 smaller regional distributors.  I have contacted their # 1 Worldwide distributor and they as well as others are offering Open Accounts over 100k and VAR (Vallue Added Reseller) accounts for as low as 7.5K   I would point out that these distributors sell more than just Nokia brand cell phones so you can purchase other brands of cell phones as well as PDA's computers ect.  Nokia's biggest distributor has over 12 distribution centers world wide.

     For 7.5k you may be able to buy about 11 in the US  and 7.5kGPB around 14pcs. For 100K USd 150 pcs and 100K GBP 197pcs   OK some members may look at this and say I can get more in the UK but there are two things here, although you could sell the European version in the US provided you had the right charger.   The US model can not be legally sold in Europe because of the RoHs/WEEE standard.  The other part of this is the monetary conversion.  525.00GBP is actually about 981.75USD.

     In closing I would just like to say that these are approximations based on a conversation with the largest distributor of cell phones worldwide.  Each purchase from a distributor is based on your order quanity or the mix of your order quanity and Supply and Demand for the Nokia N93.  I will say though that if you find anyone offering the N93 lower than 100.00USD under retail they need to be scrutinized harshly.  Looking for a true distributor contact a sales representative at  1 (800) 952-2355.  This company is in no way affiliated to me and is only offered here to help the small business person get a start.

Best regards,


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Re: Nokia N93's
Replying to [Ranger]:


Hallo Ranger,

this is the best posting I ever read on Alibaba !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be so kind and post it, at the TOP as a reminder for all !

Re: Nokia N93's
Replying to [Ranger]: Well the secret is out...
The Company that he is talking about is brightpoint...
they are the authorized Nokia distributors
for Motorolla is brightstar corporate
Re: Nokia N93's
Replying to [Ranger]:

[em19]good post

Re: Re: Nokia N93's
Replying to [infiri]:
are u somehow related to brightpoint? :P i saw brightpoint on most of your point [em10] but im so glad you mentioned them. I might visit one of their office here in my country [em3]

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