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hello guys,

i got two message said who who who want to add me on the trader manager.

basically i don't use trader manager for online chat but MSN only.

well i still downloaded the Trade Manager yesterday and want to send response to them with my e-mail info.

Unfortunately, my reply message with the sender's original message all lost when i clicked some button!!

my advice is when you are seriously want to contact somebody, an e-mail for first contact maybe much better than a first "on-line chat"

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Re: Trade Manager
Replying to [general
But how will you get the email address first? It is not possible to inform the email id here. Then what the other person can do? Is it possible for somebody to get my contact informations by clicking in somewhere here? If it is possible, there is some risk too: scammers also get our mail ids. Am I right?

I am sorry that I too dont know why the messages deleted.
Re: Trade Manager
Replying to [general]:Try this & hopefully your contact's message will return.

Open Trade Manager
Click Contacts tab
Click View All Messages
In the new pop-up click the cross on the left of Alerts
This will display Add Contacts History
To the right is a list of dates, choose the one you wish to contact
This will highlight the contact & this member's ID will be displayed at the bottom of the screen
Go back to Trade Manager and add them to your contact list and forward a message

Good Luck [em1]
Re: Re: Trade Manager
Replying to [Manian]:

Wow, thank you to bump this post. Your points are right.

If e-mail not available, a simple introduction message can be sent via TM by the first time. After read the message, the other side will know a little about the contact. If enquiry, you can also send your enquiry by alibaba enquiry system with details to an interested trade lead.

Most guys, when they want to contact another one via TM, they sent some words hard to understand. After add them on the list, well, they say nothing at all. Even you speak to them, never response yet.

So, if important or secret contact, contact via TM with an introduction even simple. If not, just post here for open discussion.

PS: I don't know which messages were deleted?
Re: Re: Trade Manager
Replying to [Ozzy]:

Thanks your advice.[em1]

I'd like to try but not familiar to the functions yet.[em2]

You are so nice that I will try again the tools of the TM.
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am new here someone should take me round
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am new here someone should take me round
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