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A great way to verify a company is to see what other buyers think about them.
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Note: If the company you are searching for does not appear in the results list, it simply means no member has asked about the company before. All comments on Ask It! are written by our members and are intended as a reference only. These comments are not on behalf of takes no responsibility for the validity and accuracy of these comments.
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Factory Audited Suppliers

Factory Audited Suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have been inspected onsite by Bureau Veritas or Intertek, world-renowned inspection companies. All Factory Audited Suppliers display Factory Audited Gold Suppliers on listing results, product detail page, and company website on Learn more

? 3 Steps to find Factory Audited Supplier with Reports   Have a try now

1. User Audit filter 2. Click the icon to see Audit Reports Summary 3. Download Audit Reports

Gold Suppliers

What is Gold Supplier? Is Gold Supplier 100% safe and trustworthy?
Old Gold Suppliers are more safe than new ones.
View list of Banned Paid Members on

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Verify Companies Online
Verifying a Company's Registration Verifying a Company's Registration
It is important to verify the company registration of the buyer/supplier that you want to trade with. This is to ensure that they are real and legitimate in the country/region that they operate in. Learn more
Verifying IP Addresses Verifying IP Addresses
Email IP addresses can be verified to make sure that the buyer/supplier is really from the country/region that they claimed to be from. Learn more
Verifying Phone Numbers Verifying Phone Numbers
You should always check that the phone number of the buyer/supplier you intend to trade with is real. Learn more
To learn how to make international phone calls, click here
Verifying Zip Codes Verifying Zip Codes
Check your buyer/supplier's postal/zip codes to make sure the address provided is correct. Learn more
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Pay Securely Online

Escrow on

The Escrow service on Alibaba is powered by, a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group. Escrow allows you to pay securely online without exposing your credit card details. You can also track delivery of your order and payment is only released to the supplier after you confirm you've received the order. Learn more
Escrow FAQ

Popular Payment Methods and Risks Involved

There are several payment methods that are popular with buyers/suppliers such as L/C, T/T, PayPal and Escrow. Check out each payment method and the benefits/risks involved.

Paypal >>
Bad experience of using PayPal
Western Union >>
Western Union payment fraud.
T/T >>
How secure is T/T for buyers?
L/C >>
Is safe to deal with L/C?
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Questions?Ask It!

Ask It! is's question & answer platform that allows members to ask trade-related questions and share answers. If you have trade problems, Ask It! is the place where you can quickly get solutions from Experts and other members.

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