Business writing tips for international business people (1)
Author: Robert
Tips on producing effective communication pieces.

Writing for profit

Effective communication in all business matters, especially in international trade, requires a great deal of care to express what you mean in the most concise and professional terms. With cross-border trade emerges another element: Not everyone speaks the same language.

Regardless of the discomfort you may have sending and answering emails in English, it is inevitable. If you are targeting buyers from all over the world, your company should appoint someone with a proficient level of English to answer emails in simple but understandable English.

General writing tips

  • Use short sentences.

  • Replace long words with shorter ones.

  • Make sure paragraphs focus on one idea.

  • Maintain formality: Use titles and family names to convey an attitude of propriety.

  • Check for punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors.

  • Avoid slang, jargon, cliches and other figures of speech (i.e., zero tolerance policy, once-over, done deal, user-friendly, etc.).

  • Be specific and illustrate your points with concrete examples.

  • Provide a summary: Bring the email to a clear conclusion.

  • Check your writing: When you have finished writing your message, it may be necessary to re-write or re-organize the document to make your message clear.

When replying to an email from buyers

  • Return emails within the same time you would a phone call.

  • Do not get emotional and hide behind your email. Always write when you are composed and relaxed, especially to clients. It's business, not personal.

  • A typical inquiry from a buyer to a supplier may look like this. See sample below:

  • A response to a buyer from a supplier may look like this. See sample below:

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