Your company profile: a step by step guide
Author: Milton Zhang
Positively reflect the character of your company through a complete and accurate Company Profile.


I came up with the idea for this tutorial while talking with a TrustPass member on TradeManager. After being asked about how to attract more buyers, I navigated to his website and noticed that his Company Profile seemed to be missing a lot of important information.

When buyers visit your website, they are evaluating you as a potential supplier. With this in mind, it is easy to see the importance of your Company Profile and how it should positively reflect the character of your company.

A key success factor of online business is trust, and a complete and accurate Company Profile is a key contributor.

Where will my Company Profile be seen?

Partial Company ProfileYour Company Profile information can be seen by members from within your mini website.

Your business type and key products/services information is also displayed on company search listing pages.

How do I create my Company Profile information?

My Alibaba Side MenuCompany Profiles are edited from within My Alibaba. To edit your Company Profile:

1. Sign in to My Alibaba.
2. In the side menu click on ****.
3. Click on Edit Company Profile.

The Edit Company Profile page is divided into two parts: General Company Info and Additional Info. Company Profile information should be submitted in English.

What is the general company info?

This section of your company profile contains all of the information that you must submit to successfully publish your Company Profile on Looking down the field names you will notice that every label for TrustPass member is preceded with a red asterisk, which means that that piece of information is required. (For Free Members, not every label is preceded with a red asterisk.) If you do not provide information for each of these items, your Company Profile will be rejected.

Company NameCompany name information is part of your member profile and is edited in the Edit Member Profile section of My Alibaba.

Year Established

Enter the year that your company was established.

President CEO

Enter the name of your president or CEO here.

Number of Employees

To display the number of employees your business has, use the drop down selection menu and choose from the available choices in the list.

Registered As

Use the drop down selection menu to display how your company is registered.

Primary Type of Business

Use the drop down selection menu to choose your primary type of business activity. If your business type is not listed here you can select other. This field is helpful to buyers as sometimes they are only interested in a certain business type, e.g. manufacturers, not agents.

Annual Sales Range

Use the drop down selection menu to choose the annual sales range of your company.

Place of Incorporation

Enter the country in which your company is registered.


Clicking on the Select Categories button will open a pop-up box where you can select suitable categories for your business. I suggest that you select more that one category. Free members can choose up to four categories and a TrustPass member can choose up to six.

Key Products/Services

Use this input box to enter the key products that your company supplies. If you are a service company, put in the main services you offer. I suggest using distinct and concise item names as examples.

Company Introduction

Use this field to provide members with additional information about your company. I would suggest including information that will give your potential customers a complete picture of your company such as a brief company history, achievements, company principles and any key customers that you may have. Remember to check your spelling, formatting and grammar.

What is Additional info?

Additional infoLocated beneath the General Company Info is a hyperlink with the label Additional info. Click on this link to expand the page and display the additional company information options.

Registered Capital

Use the drop down selection menu to choose the registered capital amount that corresponds to your company.

Focus Markets

To select your focus market, click the radio button next to your chosen region. If your focus market is not listed you can enter it in the input box labeled other markets.

Key Customers

If you have key customers that you would like potential buyers to be aware of, you can list them here.

Brand Names

If you would like to make buyers aware of your brand name(s), you can do so by listing them here.


Click the radio button next to the relevant certification(s) that your company possesses. If you would like to list a certification that is not in the list, simply type its name into the input box labeled Others. If you enter multiple certifications, separate them using a comma and a space.

Parent Company

If you have a parent company that you would like potential buyers to know about, you can do so by entering its name into this input box.

OEM Service

You can inform buyers as to whether you offer an OEM service by selecting either the Yes or No radio buttons.

R&D Staff

Use the drop down selection menu to display the number of R&D staff that you employ.

Production Capacity

Use the input box to enter your monthly production capacity. Enter the relevant number of items in the input box and then choose the units of measure from the drop down selection menu.


Potential buyers will be very interested in knowing your approach toward quality assurance and quality control. Select one of the three available choices in this list by clicking on one of the available radio buttons.

How do I submit my Company Profile?

Post Now

Once you have completed all of the fields in the General Company Info section and all of the fields that you wish to complete in the Additional Info section, click on the button labeled Post Now to submit your Company Profile. Before submitting your information, I suggest double checking your spelling, formatting and that you have not left any of the required fields empty.

If you do leave a required field empty, you will not be able to submit your Company Profile, and an error message will tell what which field(s) you must complete. However, if all of the required company profile information is present, you will be taken to a web page telling you that you have successfully posted your Company Profile.

Important:Having successfully submitted your company profile it will be given the status of Approval Pending for a period of 24 hours. During this time, will approve or reject your Company Profile submission. Upon approval, your modified Company Profile will be published online and you will be sent an email to confirm its publication. If your Company Profile is rejected, you will receive an email informing you what elements need to be modified.

Glossary of related terms

OEM: original equipment manufacturer or a company that manufactures a particular piece of hardware.

Tell me what you think

I hope that you have found this useful. As always, if you would like to request a future tutorial, please feel free to send me a message using the feedback box below.


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