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What is Alifest?

Alifest is there to recognize and reward businesses who capture the imagination of customers around the world through

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Applicants will be assessed in the following areas:

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This August, e-business people around the world will be focusing on the 2008 Global e-Business Champions of the Year awards ceremony.

The 5th Annual Alifest is being extended to encompass 3 global regions: Asia & Oceania Region; Europe, Africa & Middle East Region and the American Region. Be selected as one of your region's top 5 e-Business people and you could be a participant in the 2008 Global e-Business Champions of the Year Grand Awards Ceremony in Hangzhou, China.

Apply now to take advantage of this great opportunity, regardless of your location or the size of your business. Learn from other successful B2B and B2C models and ensure that your e-commerce success continues.

Become one of our 10 Grand Finalists and attract the attention of more than 20 million potential e-commerce partners worldwide!

Success Stories from Members

Quiko Opening Solutions is now known worldwide!

Mr. Luca Borinato [Italy]

After becoming a TrustPass member, our inquiries increased by 80%. When buyers see that you are a TrustPass member they understand that you are a genuine...

Hundreds of inquiries every month

Mr. Reda Fouad Hajjaj [Egypt]

Over the past three years, Alibaba has become a core part of my business...

An order worth $250,000 within 3 months

Mr. Henry Kumala Putra [Indonesia]

I have known about since the year 2000. However, we were not aware its effectiveness until 2005 when we first used Alibaba' s services...